About The Center for Health Research in Sogn og Fjordane

The Center for Health Research in Sogn og Fjordane is a collaborative effort between the Førde Health Trust and the health studies department of the Western Norway University College of Applied Sciences. This webpage provides information about the research conducted within this Center.

The Center’s aim is to promote research and development (R&D) within the field of healthcare in Sogn og Fjordane. It aims to:

  • Increase the quantity of health research and development work based on national and regional priorities
  • Increase the volume of health services research as defined by regional and national priorities, as well as areas of development tied specifically to local conditions in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Increase attractiveness of both collaborating institutions at a national and international level

What we do?

The Center’s aim is to be a driving force in pushing research policy and strategy forward in the two collaborating institutions. We offer support in all matters and activities that contribute to academic research and development (R&D), including project development, reporting, applications for financing, and administrative work.

The Center for Health Research builds bridges between the research environments at our two institutions and facilitate the sharing of expertise and network. Furthermore, we provide information and guidance on funding possibilities and develop research networks including with relevant financing agencies. We also organize courses for our researchers, typically in academic writing, application writing, research methods, statistics and relevant research software.

Research groups

The Center for Health Research holds the following four research groups:

  • Public health and obesity
  • Quality and innovation in geriatric care
  • Mental health and drugs
  • Interaction in health care

Above and beyond conducting research, their aim is to offer an arena for the interaction and development of research interests, new knowledge and ideas and projects across research backgrounds and institutions.

Several of our researchers are active in other healthcare and academic institutions as well, outside of the two mentioned above.

Contact us:

Research Director Marit Solheim
Head of Division Taryn Seta Malkhassian
Advisor Kjersti Gausvik

Contact our reseach group leaders: