Maria Holsen disputere 9. juni 2017 for ph.d-grad ved University of Tampere, Finland

Stipendiat Maria Holsen

Tittelen er: Operative Treatment and Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Based Diagnostics of Knee Disorders in Military Conscripts

Knee pain is a common complaint among conscripts and physically active young adults in general. Several conditions of the knee can become painful as a result of either increased strenuous activity or blunt trauma to the knee, both abundantly present during the frequent and versatile physical training of compulsory military service. In most conditions causing knee pain, primary treatment is non-operative, but when pain persists operative treatment can provide relief of symptoms. We examined outcome after surgical intervention for osteochondritis dissecans, painful bipartite patella, and medial synovial plica of the knee in military conscripts. Further, for this population, the use of magnetic resonance imaging in preoperative diagnostics of medial synovial plicae, and articular cartilage lesions of the patella (also referred to as chondromalacia patellae) was evaluated.

Personalia: Maria Holsen (f. 1970) kommer fra Karis I Sør-Finland og flyttet til Norge i 2016. Holsen ble i 1998 ved University of Eastern Finland. Hun jobber som seniorrådgiver ved Helseatlastenesta og Samhandlingsbarometeret i Helse Førde.

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